The 10 Best Ready-Made Meal Delivery Services In Auckland!

The 10 Best Ready Made Meals Delivery Services In Auckland

These Auckland-based meal delivery services will make your life easier and healthier.

Auckland is full of hard-working, food-obsessed people, and sometimes those two qualities don’t exactly add up to a wholesome lifestyle. Fortunately, meal delivery services have been sprouting up all over the place recently, offering Aucklanders a way to savor freshly prepared, healthy meals in their own home or on the go.

Utilizing one of these ready-made meal services takes all the laborious elements out of the equation and stops you from going to your local burger spot for at least a few days longer.

Whether you’re stocking up the freezer to with frozen meals delivered in Auckland to get you through a busy patch, seeking an easy yet delicious mid-week dinner, watching your gym macros, or wanting to support a friend in need, there’s something here for everyone. All you will need in a microwave or oven, and a fridge to store them in.

And if you are looking for further healthy eating options you might want to consider do-it-yourself meal kits, real-time food delivery apps, fruit and veg boxes, or even visiting an Auckland farmers market.

Casual Foodie

Casual Food, one of Auckland’s leading pre-prepared meal providers based in Birkenhead Point, think that meals should be a star of your day, not just another chore on your to-do list. These talented foodies love doing all the hard graft for you, preparing meals for you from scratch using real, wholesome ingredients you would recognise from your pantry.  

They never try to save money on processing or quality, pulling out all the stops to make the freshest, yummiest food conceivable so that you can use your time on other things. From fresh and frozen mains to salads, soups, desserts, preserves and pantry provisions, Casual Food has you covered.

There is a good mix for all taste buds, and food preference with delights like South Carolina Pulled Pork in a BBQ Sauce, Raspberry Rhubarb Trifle or Beef, Mushroom and Red Wine Pot Pie.

Delivery: Casual Foodie doesn’t have an online ordering system yet, but you can call, email, or simply pop by the shop. Deliveries are made between 6-9 pm on weekdays, within the Auckland Metropolitan Delivery Area. Orders received before 2 pm can be delivered that evening. Delivery is $13.50 and free for orders over $200.

Cost: Single servings from $12-15.


EAT has been preparing home-delivered meals in Auckland for individuals since 2009. 

Everybody at EAT is a foodie or foodette, and it was this love that led them to the ultimate development of a brand that has grown to be New Zealand’s biggest supplier of fresh, ready to heat, meals! 

Their key to success has been a focus on healthy, nutritious, wholesome, yet tasty meals made with only quality ingredients, and doing so consistently. To preserve the flavour and freshness, the Eat meals are cooked then blasted with cold. These are then delivered into individual serving trays; the oxygen is extracted and secured with a vacuum seal, ensuring freshness in your fridge for up to 14 days from the cooking date.

 There is fresh mains, soups, desserts and backing to choose from. Our favourites were dishes like Braised Beef With Juniper Stew, Fish Mornay and Creamy Rice With Strawberry And Rhubarb. Eat also offers a pot luck pot with 8 or 2 frozen meals delivered to Auckland.

Delivery: $16 flat fee to Auckland with an easy to use website where you can put up to 14 items in a box.

Cost: Single servings from $11.80-14.

Fit Me In

Fit Me In is a healthy meals delivery service in Auckland that provides you with nutritious, customised and 100% gluten-free food that is void of sugar, processed carbohydrates and excessive salt and additives. This is food of high performance that fuels the body to hit its height – based on the idea that you get out of your body what you put in.  

Each week, Fit Me In produces a new menu and no day is ever the same. To meet your specific needs, your three regular meals are customised. Their chef, who partners with a consultant nutritionist, selects each ingredient consciously to offer optimum nutrients and exciting fresh flavours.

The Diamond Standard in clean eating, yet still with amazing meals like Wok tossed seasoned prime beef, Caveman breakfast with baked eggs or Turmeric and coriander braised lamb.

Delivery: Takes places every Tuesday and Thursday to Auckland Central & Auckland Inner Suburbs (for optimal freshness) direct, or further afield by courier. Free pick up is available in Eden Terrace. 

Cost: Depends very much on customisation but around $11 per serving with ten Super Fit meals. $ 270 for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner for seven days of Paleo.

Get Fed

A cooked meals delivery service in Auckland offering one-off meals along with subscription boxes for individuals and families.

Portions come in four sizes: regular, ravenous (extra-large for hungry people in one sitting), family-sized and small portions for children. Perfect if you are looking to have fresh meals consistently delivered each week without the admin, there are options for boxes of 6, 8, 10 or 12 meals. Those with the snowflake icon are suitable for freezing, which is good if you want to buy in bulk and use over a few weeks.

Thoughtfully packaged in a mix of home compostable and aluminium foil packaging, FED’s seasonally changing menu will revolutionise your mealtimes with dishes like smoky beef ragu with fettuccini, Cantonese fish and Cuban pulled pork with Chimichurri and black rice corn salad. 

Delivery: From $10. Delivery on Sundays, with additional Thursday deliveries for Auckland Central. 

Cost: Single-serve meals from $15.50 per meal, with lower cost for subscription and family plans.

Get Made

Get Made is all about delivering fast and feel-good prepared meals in Auckland from Nadia Lim (of My Food Bag fame).

The focus here is on a range of single-serve ready-made meals – basically, good food, made super convenient and delicious. Because sometimes, life’s too busy to cook. Operating on the subscription model, there are 12 different and nutritious meals to choose from each week.

You can easily change meals online, skip a week or cancel anytime. Or you can order extra and skip every second week if you want as many meals are specifically designed for freezing. Expect delicious delights like Smoking’ Chipotle Beef, Spring Lamb Roast and Chicken Potato Gratin. 

Delivery: $10, with delivery days on Sunday or Monday depending on your location.

Cost: Between $15.99 and $12.99 per meal, depending on how many you order each week.

Muscle Chow

Muscle Chow is all about helping you meet your fitness goals by providing healthy meals delivered around Auckland. They are a team of health-focused people who are passionate about food and think that clean eating really shouldn’t be a huge challenge.

By preparing, cooking and macro counting for you, Muscle Chow’s goal is to make healthier eating more mainstream! It is certainly not the most innovative food, but it will help you no matter what your health and fitness goals are.

The same team as Fit Me In, but aimed at a more dedicated market of Auckland gym-goers with hyper-specific diets.

Delivery: Takes places every Tuesday and Thursday to Auckland Central & Auckland Inner Suburbs (for optimal freshness) direct, or further afield by courier. Free pick up is available in Eden Terrace.

Cost: $11-13.49 for an individual serving, with lower costs on the subscription model. 

Muscle Fuel

Muscle Fuel takes care of meal prep in Auckland by providing a balanced diet delivered to your door each week.

They also provide a programme guide and training guides to maximise your results and claim to be NZ’s easiest and most convenient weight loss programme! Based in Hamilton but delivering to Auckland, Muscle Fuel has a full menu, keto menu and frozen meal options.

You can choose a minimum of 5 meals from their menu, or sign up to one of the popular subscription offers. All meals are carefully weighed to ensure you are getting the exact macronutrient breakdown you expect – with smaller portioned meals offering between 300-400 calories and larger Maxi meals between 450-600 calories.

Despite the focus on muscle and health, they still manage innovative meals that will leave you drooling like Kawakawa Chicken and stuffing, Keto Coconut Chili Chicken and Aged Beef Rump.

Delivery: $15 courier fee. Delivery days are Tuesday and Friday.

Cost: From $14.49 for smaller portions or $16.49 for larger. Subscription boxes bring costs down.


For those looking for vegan cooked meals delivered in Auckland, look no further than Prep – Plant-Based Meals. Healthy nutritious and delicious, these vegan meals are made with love and are always ready to eat.

Even if you are not a vegan, Prep is an easy way to reduce meat in your life, and meet your health & fitness goals. In fact, ‘Prep’ was born when founder Natalie Iris Richards was working 12+ shifts as a truck driver and sick of limited and often unhealthy options. She needed nutritious, balanced meals to fuel her brain and body – and quickly found there was a market for her delights.

Many of her customers today were meat-eaters, keen to try and adopt a healthier, plant based diet a couple of days a week, but lacked the time or knowledge to be able to. Plus the benefits to us and our environment of eating less meat and dairy are well documented.

All Prep meals come in biodegradable, compostable containers that can go in the freezer, fridge, microwave and oven. Expect incredible creations made with love like Almond Miso Noodles, Thai Peanut Curry and Buffalo Cauliflower Bites. Prep also offers fitness packs, including an 8-week program to kick-start your health goals. 

Delivery: Order by midnight Sunday for delivery on Monday or Tuesday. Pick Up is also available from their kitchen in Avondale Tuesday nights until 7 pm. Depending on where you live in Auckland, the cost varies from $10 – $23.

Cost: From $12 – $16 per serving.

Swole Foods

The fitness-focused ready-made meals of Swole are all designed by chefs, hand-packed and prepared in small batches.

They recognise that it is important to see results with balanced macro-nutrients and upholding the main concepts of healthy eating: high protein, better or low carb, low saturated fats and low sugars. They take foods that you enjoyed eating every day and gave them the SWOLE factor and made them tasty while keeping away from disgusting food additives, so that you can indulge them without feeling bad.

You give yourself a greater chance of seeing success by mixing a healthy workout routine with these meals than when trying to find nutritious food on the go. 

Expect delicious creations like Mexican Chicken, Pork Tagine or Tangy beef which you can order on a recurring weekly, fortnightly or monthly setup or simply buy them as and when you need.

Delivery: $12 within Auckland, with free Shipping of a one-off order of 18 meals.

Cost: From $12.99. Subscription orders save 10% on the price of the meals.

The Food Company

The team behind these prepared meals delivered in Auckland know that modern life requires a modern meal solution.

Fresh, well-portioned, and ready when you are, The Food Company combines expert nutrition with vibrant flavour to deliver kiwi home-style cuisine you can’t wait to tuck into!

They offer one-off orders, weekly meal boxes, keto and an 8-week meal plan – so you won’t find yourself sitting in the drive-through lane too many nights a week, with a carload of hungry kids and not enough hours left in the day. 

Delivery: By courier every Wednesday or Friday. Flat rate for 14 Meals is $16.95 or up to 30 Meals is $21.95

Cost: Weekly subscription meals are a flat rate of $13.95

So there you have it, the best ready-made meals in Auckland. Each offers something different, and we do recommend trying a few different ones to find your own personal favourites.

Still, for gourmet delights and creations (without the subscription model) we think Casual Foodie is the best. For fitness freaks, Prep or Fit Me In, and for those with a family or after a set-and-forget subscription for home-delivered meals in Auckland, Get Fed is our top choice.