8 Best Online Food Delivery and Ordering Apps for Auckland

Best Online Food Delivery and Ordering Apps for Auckland

Nowadays, we can get everything delivered directly to our home: furniture, clothes, books, electronics and even food. All from the comfort of your couch —  what a time to be alive!

The food delivery market is booming all over the world, and Auckland is not an exception.

There is also delivery options for meal plans, fruit and vege boxes and grocery delivery services, but here we will focus on takeout / online food delivery apps in Auckland.

Given that we have an increasingly urban population and less time to prepare meals at home due to our competitive and hectic lifestyle, it no surprise there has been an explosion of options for ordering food online. Fundamentally, food delivery apps have made our lives just that much more comfortable.

Whether you’re seeking something quick and easy after a hard day at work or three-hours deep into a Netflix marathon with no intention of leaving the house, our guide to the best food delivery and ordering apps in Auckland has you covered.

When it comes to food delivery, Auckland has all it takes to meet those demands and get you what you crave.

P.S. If you are looking for more ‘healthy eating’ options to feed yourself at home you might also want to read about do-it-yourself meal kits, ready-made meal deliveries, fruit and veg boxes, or even visiting an Auckland farmers market.

Deliver Easy

Started in Wellington four years ago,  Deliver Easy now has a wide range of restaurants across Auckland (and New Zealand) with delivery from $6.

They do precisely what the name suggests: they make food delivery, easy. The app allows you to order food directly to your doorstep, as well as placing orders in advance, so those fried dumplings you have been craving all day can arrive the second after you’re home.

They have all the big names like Maccas, Subway and Burger Fuel and plenty of your hidden gem favourites too. We were surprised to find how fast their selection of restaurants has grown, and that they have now expanded into Aussie!

What we love most: Deliver Easy is a local kiwi company, 100% owned-and-operated.

Download now on for Android or Apple and save $10 off your first order using code: JRODAN-B8C5C1B3

Dine In

Dine In is a different concept from the others on our list, intending to collate all the takeaways, restaurants, and cafes dining options in your area. They are a New Zealand home-grown, single point of reference food website — with over 5000+ eating places and 700+ online menus.

They provide the software, and local businesses plug into it, so you get all of the information that is important to you when you start your search for food. You can search by nearby, those with online ordering, pick up or even book a table.

Since Dine In is more of a facilitation/directory, more of your money goes to support your favourite restaurants – whose own delivery staff drop the food to your door.

What we love most: We can be lazy and eat at home while having more of our money end up with the restaurant rather than a middle man.

Download now on for Android or Apple


EASI is one of the most popular food delivery apps in Australia, and since 2018 in Auckland.  Focussed on Asian food delivery, you’ll find plenty of popular and hidden gem restaurants have joined them – mainly in and around the central city.

Not only do they deliver meals, but also desserts, drinks, fresh food, groceries, flowers, and even courier delivery services. You have probably seen their bright yellow tracksuits deliver drivers zipping around the CBD like little minions on their scooters.

 The app always has lots of coupons, discounts and promotions to give you further discounts, with plenty of weird and wonderful food ideas you might never have considered.

The app is chaotic and a little overwhelming, but it all works seamlessly and is worth it in the end.

What we love most: The bonus food item and discounts on offer to tempt you into trying new places.

Sign up now and get six coupons to use worth up to $50!

Flamingo Food

From the team that brought you those neon pink scooters that are parked all over town is this new delivery app that allows you to find many of your favourite local restaurants and quickly order.

Using only e-scooters means it’s hard for them to operate in the suburbs, or deliver that far away — but there is also only a $5 flat rate.

What we love most: Keeping cars off the road with eco-friendly food delivery.

Download now on for Android or Apple


Another predominantly Chinese food delivery app which is particularly useful for the North Shore. Gogo bills itself more as a lifestyle add as they deliver everything from food and wine to flowers, cakes, groceries and more.

You will want to turn off notifications are they send far too many for no reason, but many include discounts and free delivery so it’s not all bad.

What we love most: The foodie pass subscription service that allows free delivery for a set cost each month!

Download now on for Android or Apple


An online order food delivery with plenty of local restaurants with delivery done by the restaurant itself. Based in Australia, they launched in Auckland back in 2008 and now offer over 1,647 restaurant partners, serving over 45 different cuisines.

Menulog reportedly has some of the lowest commission rates out there, although UberEATS and others do not typically disclose the exact price they charge restaurants.

What we love most: How easy it is to create an account (1-click) and the uncluttered app.

Download now on for Android or Apple

Night Markets Online

The Auckland Night Markets are open in seven different locations across Auckland, and now they have launched an app to allow you to avoid the chaos and have their delicious food delivered directly to your door.

Still, in the roll-out phase, you can use it on the night your ‘local’ night market is open if you are in-zone.

What we love most: Unique options covering cuisines like Pacifica / islands food that you won’t find anywhere else.

Download now on for Android or Apple

Uber Eats

You had to know we were going to get here. The granddaddy of all food delivery apps in Auckland (and the world), Uber Eats is always on the clock whether it’s a second dinner, late-night cravings or romantic dinner.

There is no denying they have the biggest range of restaurants in Auckland, the best technology and quick delivery – but just so you are aware, they also take around 30-35% commission from a restaurant’s earnings. A lot of small restaurant’s need to be on here because of the market exposure they have, but it’s hurting them.

We suggest trying some other apps first, all of which have lower commission rates and frequently cheaper delivery fees.

What we love: The ease of use and sheer size of their range.

You can download here for Android or Apple. And save $10 off your first order using code: eats-jordana525

So there you have it—the most tantalizing food finding and food delivery apps in Auckland, which can be handy. We would be hard-pressed to choose an overall favourite and use each for different occasions. Still, our top favourites would have to be Deliver Easy as the best kiwi-opened operator, Easi when we are longing for hole-in-the-wall-Asian, and Uber Eats for a catch-all/back up option that never lets us down.

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