The Best Fruit And Veg Boxes For Delivery In Auckland

The Best Fruit And Veg Boxes For Delivery In Auckland

Keeping supplied with the basics can be a struggle with the pace of modern life.

That’s why we’ve put together a directory of all the fresh fruit and vegetable delivery companies in Auckland offering pre-packed boxes of health and vitality shipped right to your door. Most operate on a subscription model where you get an order a week, but you can do one-off or custom orders as well.

Each week’s box is an inspiration — both to cook and to discover. There’s always a delicious surprise, even in winter! And lord knows we can use all the help we can get getting our 5+ a day.

Most of these businesses have spent years supplying fresh fruits and vegetables to local markets, hotels and restaurants. They are now helping their own communities and doing the same giving individual Aucklanders a chance to get in on the action.

We’ve done our best to explain what you can expect from each of these fruit and veg delivery companies in Auckland, but the specifics change all the time, so search their websites for up-to-the-minute updates about the nature of each package and shipping dates.

You could just do to the local supermarket or fruit shop yourself, but the produce you get delivered will often be better, fresher and with the time you save, will probably be cheaper.

So here we go with Auckland’s best fruit and veg boxes.

P.S. If you are looking for further healthy eating options you might want to consider do-it-yourself meal kits, real-time food delivery apps, homemade meal services, or even visiting an Auckland farmers market.


They say: “We deliver fresh local and organic food to you and pay fair prices to small-scale farmers. Our mission is to put small-scale sustainable farming at the heart of our food system. Join us in rebuilding your community’s food system one box at a time.”

Price of a box: Between $39 to $99. There is a tiered delivery fee structure with free delivery on orders over $200.00 and discounted delivery over $100 in Auckland.

What we love: All boxes are freshly harvested to order, produce no waste and plastic-free and customisable. You can also see each of the farmers and artisans you are supporting through your purchase, and will undoubtedly be inspired by the curious speicals and bespoke add-on products.


They say: “We pick the best seasonal products for you and deliver it to your door every week. We know what is in season and the best value. NZ has amazing fresh food, and because we work closely with NZ growers, we’re able to deliver their best variety to you.”

Price of a box:  $36 for smaller boxes increasing to $69 designed for larger families/households.

What we love: Affordably priced and with convenient boxes sized based on the size of your household. There are also grocery boxes with other essentials like eggs, bread and milk — or meat should you want that. Everything is sustainably sourced and free-range, and Foodbox has nearly zero food waste with any leftovers being donated to charity daily.

Harvest To Home

They say: “Locally grown, spray-free fruit and veg delivering to west and central Auckland, the north shore and hibiscus coast.”

Price of a box: From $49 to $69.

What we love: The simplicity and heartwarming story. Harvest to home started a small organic veggie co-op back in 1997 and today only buys from local Auckland growers. Run by passionate power couple Tania & Gerry, Harvest To Home offers three choices of boxes, a set delivery day a week and no added extras. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Fresh Fruits And Veges

They say: “The Best Value Essential Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In Auckland.”

Price of a box: $15 – $35, with free shipping over $60, or $10 per delivery.

What we love: The small boxes sizes and very affordable prices. They are well-organised, with a wide variety of produce and highly efficient service. If you are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice good, healthy eating, Fresh Fruits And Veges are here for you!

Fruit Guys

They say: “Fruit guys will deliver the freshest, tastiest fruit, coffee and juice directly to your home or office.”

Price of a box: $35 – $55, with free delivery.

What we love:  That they focus on getting nutritious options into the workplace, keeping everyone energised and healthy with interesting snacks. Deliveries to houses also work, just let them know where to leave.

Food Together

They say: “Food Together is committed to supporting your local community by providing easy and affordable access to healthy, fresh fruit and veggies, straight from the market.”

Price of a box: Between $15-$40 with a flat rate $6 delivery fee

What we love: Food Together is a social enterprise working closely with several community groups, non-profit trusts and churches around New Zealand, to get fresh produce to families and individuals that need it most. With each purchase made, Food Together donates 50% of its profits back to help get fruits and veg to those who need it most! There are also 15 Auckland-wide collection point should you wish to save on the delivery fee.

Naturally Organic

They say: “A family business supplying organic fruit and vegetable baskets from Albany since 1998”.

Price of a box: Between $20-$100 with a flat rate $10 delivery fee for orders under $100

What we love: That everything is organic and you can choose which day of the week you receive your order — and that orders received by 6 am can be delivered the same day!

Clevedon Herbs & Produce

They say: “Bring the farm to your door. We only sell what we grow ourselves. All of our produce is either spray-free or we have used an organic spray only on them.”

Price of a box: Between $35-$55

What we love: That they are hyper-local. In fact, you can visit them every Saturday at the Howick Village Market or the Clevedon Farmers Market on Sunday. You can even visit their farm shop and pay down a chimney. Their delivery boxes have considerable variety, and they can add on herbs or plant seedlings, which is extra cute and convenient.

So, as you can see, there is a lot of fruit and vege delivery services in Auckland. There are plenty more popping up, but these are our favourite and offer a nice mix with something for everyone. In terms of the best fruit and vege boxes? It is hard to say.

Ooooby would have to be our favourite for intriguing and unique organic products accompanied bu delciious treats. At the same time, we love that Food Together allows us to give back to the less fortunate in our community while also offer very affordable prices — while Clevedon Herbs & Produce is the only single-source hyper-local food box, and also provide herbs which is great.

Since you can pause subscriptions, or just go one offer order – perhaps try a few and see which of the fruit and veg delivery boxes in Auckland are best for you.

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