Handy List Of The Best Real Estate Companies In Auckland

Handy List Of The Best Real Estate Companies In Auckland

Auckland often comes out on top with global liveability surveys – and it’s not hard to see why.

With a laid-back yet cosmopolitan atmosphere, incredible coffee, a flourishing arts scene and a stunning natural landscape, Auckland is beloved by locals and visitors alike.

It should come as no surprise that many callers upon our gorgeous city don’t want to leave and promptly start looking for a list of real estate companies in Auckland to help them stay. And it is with them in mind we have gathered the best here to help on their search.

Of course, these Auckland real estate companies are also more than happy to help both out-of-towners find a property and existing Aucklanders looking to sell or buy.

As New Zealand’s largest city and a major cultural and business hub of the South Pacific, Auckland is characterised by its two harbours, 52 volcanos, lush sub-tropical rainforest and yes – sprawling urban development.

Add in the waterfront appeal of suburbs including Takapuna, Devonport, Mission Bay, Orewa and more, and you’ve got a liveable mix that appeals to long-time residents and newcomers alike.

The city also has plenty to offer residents who like to get out into nature – including large green spaces and many designated walking and cycling paths. Local authorities, including Auckland City Council, have also displayed an ongoing dedication to sustainability – classifying greenhouse gas reduction, reduced water consumption and sustainable building as key long-term priorities.

All this is to say we do not expect the appeal of living in Auckland to diminish any time soon. We anticipate the demand for good real estate companies to only increase as they help more people find their place in this magnificent city.

Before we continue any further, it is important to know that real estate agents in New Zealand work for the vendor, are often solely focussed on selling their property and are paid for by the vendor. This is different from the American model, where both the buyer and seller engage an agent, and both agents split the commission for work done.

Real estate agents in Auckland can still be engaged to help you find a suitable property but you will need to be aware they may be hesitant, unwilling or unable to show you listings from other agencies if they cannot secure a commission split.

If you are looking at selling your house in Auckland – as opposed to buying – , we recommend finding which real estate firms or agents are most active in your specific area as a starting point. You can then cross-check them against this list of the best real estate companies in Auckland to narrow your decision down.

Disclaimer: The real estate agencies referred to on this site are not owned or operated by This Is Auckland. This Is Auckland does not endorse any of these contacts, and they are provided for your convenience only based on recommendations for Aucklanders. Please always do your own due diligence. Any arrangements, financial or otherwise, are strictly between yourself and the Real Estate Agency.

Apartment Specialists

Are you looking to buy or sell in the Auckland CBD? Perhaps you want to be near to all the best cocktail spots in the city or are energised by the spirit of cities. Then the Apartment Specialists might be for you. The team here focuses on purely selling Auckland apartments and have tremendous insight into the market.

For sellers, they have a proven track record, no exclusivity period and a transparent sales process where they can educate you with free reports, insider tips and the best professional services partners. It can make a world of difference for buyers to know an agent who is intimately familiar with Auckland city apartments, their benefits, flaws, pitfalls, and more.


If you are considering selling in the Auckland market but want a fixed fee structure, then you might consider working with Aristo. Their point of difference is offering professional agents, marketing and more for an all-inclusive for just $10,000 + GST. This means there are no upfront costs, so no sale, no fee!

While a new arrival to the Auckland property scene, Arizto is making waves by maintaining the country’s largest open buyer database and by taking prospecting and marketing tasks off the agent’s hands and bringing them in-house. This means their agents can focus primarily on selling homes and providing the highest level of customer service.

Barfoot & Thompson

Founded in Auckland in 1923, Barfoot & Thompson has remained a private family-owned business for over 95 years (as opposed to many other real estate firms in New Zealand that are franchised and Australian-based).

They now have over 75 branches and 1,500+ salespeople across Auckland and Northland and are New Zealand’s largest privately-owned real estate company. Their non-franchised structure means that any of their agents can buy or sell for you. As a result, you will have fewer issues engaging an agent to help you find the perfect Auckland property as they have existing commission share agreements in place between all their agents. Their intense focus on Auckland and long-standing reputation also work in their favour and should be advantageous to you.


Kiwi owned and operated, Bayleys is New Zealand’s largest full-service real estate company with expertise in the marketing and sale of a wide range of property, including residential real estate, farms and lifestyle blocks, commercial and industrial property and tourism and business real estate.

Bayleys excels in marketing quality residential homes and has a well-established, successful team servicing vendors and purchasers throughout New Zealand. We have thousands of listings ranging from modest family dwellings, inner-city apartments and bare land sections through to stately mansions and homes of architectural distinction.

Recognising a significant societal change in Kiwis’s choice to live, Bayleys was one of the first real estate companies in New Zealand to develop and promote awareness of lifestyle blocks as the new generation of semi-rural/semi-urban dwellings. The premium association of the Bayleys brand fitted perfectly with the predominantly high-end nature of lifestyle properties throughout New Zealand – and continues to this day. That is to say, if you are considering buying or selling a property of distinction (or a lifestyle block on the edges of Auckland), Bayleys is an excellent option to consider.

Bayleys is also the only full-service real estate agency to offer you Airpoints Dollars when you sell your property with them. So, all things being equal, this could also be an essential consideration.

City Sales

Another Auckland real estate agency that has specialised in apartments and inner-city investing. With over 17 years of body corporate dwellings experience and residential housing management, their specialist Property Management division is particularly adept at helping you navigate apartment investing.

Owner Martin Dunn pioneered Auckland’s City Apartment Market from 1991 when the Auckland City Council relaxed zoning laws to allow for apartments. He quickly identified and predicted a bright future and a healthy appetite for city apartment living in the country’s largest metropolis.

City Sales today still live and breathe Auckland apartments, study market trends, advise developers and counsel vendors. They even hold a library of every original brochure and floor plan in the Auckland CBD, allowing agents to often sell ‘from the boardroom’ without disturbing tenants.

Few other agencies in this market have the experience and expertise which City Sales holds, making them an ideal option when considering moving to Auckland City centre.


Founded in New Zealand in 1888, Harcourts is today the countries largest real estate company by market share and has been awarded Most Trusted Real Estate Brand for the eighth year in a row by Reader’s Digest.

Harcourts offer a full range of real estate services in Auckland and have offices across the city and a deep property inventory, and a vast network of experienced agents. If you are looking at moving to Auckland but are not sure on what area or areas to consider, this strong presence across all regions of Auckland can be of immense help.

Ray White

Along with Barfoot and Harcourts, Ray White is one of the three big names in Auckland property with offices and agents covering all Auckland suburbs. They help 36 New Zealand buyers find their home every day, and their extensive connections and market knowledge help them solidify their position as a market leader.


If your search for Auckland property involved a dash of luxury, Sotheby’s is a great starting point.

A luxury real estate agency that focuses on selling and renting premium property around Auckland and New Zealand. They have a commanding presence in representing the world’s most unique properties with over 24,000 independent sales associates in nearly 1,000 offices and 75 countries and territories. That is to say; they artful unite extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives throughout the world – and undoubtedly can help you start your new life in Auckland. New Zealand currently restricts the sale of residential properties to overseas persons, and Sotheby’s International Realty keeps a list of properties that have exemptions or can be purchased by overseas persons due to the zoning of the property.