The Best Teppanyaki Around Auckland For A Japanese Feast!

The Best Teppanyaki Around Auckland For A Japanese Feast!

There is always a sense of excitement and adventure to look forward to when feasting at the teppanyaki restaurants in Auckland.

Maybe it is the stylistic performance of grilling that you get to witness firsthand, or perhaps it is just the fact that you can be included in picking the variety of ingredients you yearn to enjoy in your meal. No matter the reason, eating at a teppanyaki restaurant will always be an exhilarating encounter everybody will enjoy.

Well, this is why we have assembled a list of the greatest teppanyaki restaurants for you to visit in Auckland that range from affordable to premium prices. Apart from the exquisite flavours that fill your mouth and nose, enjoying a night of teppanyaki really is all about having food prepared, swiped and tossed from a steamy hot surface right in front of your eyes.

And even though you might end up with a little egg or prawn on your face, it’s totally worth it!

For those who might not know, teppanyaki is a Japanese technique of grilling a range of ingredients on a piping hot plate of iron. The name derives from two Japanese words: teppan (an iron plate), and yaki, (which means grilled or broiled). So, Teppanyaki is simply the term used for the wide variety of dishes served in this manner.

Seafood, steak, tofu, chopped vegetables, rice and even dough foods like yakisoba fried noodles are among the most common forms of teppanyaki. In most modern restaurants, the iron plate is placed directly in front of the customers so that guests can watch the chefs – often with comically-large hats and even larger personalities – work their magic.

Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned connoisseur, the journey to find the superior teppanyaki experience is never-ending. Here are the most frequented, flavoursome and best teppanyaki houses in Auckland; they are full for good reason. Apologies in advance for any weight gain.


The granddaddy of the teppanyaki scene in Auckland, Daikoku first opened back in 1989 and have been serving up full-flavoured meats, vegetables and sizzling satisfaction ever since. Good food takes centre stage in each of their five restaurants, which are a self-described authentic taste of Japan with a dash of theatre.

There is an extensive range of seafood, meat and vegetarian teppanyaki dishes – and don’t forget their famous ‘Yum-Yum’ sauce and ‘Chop-Chop’ fried rice.

With locations in Albany, Botany, Takapuna (the only teppanyaki outside of central Auckland), and both Quay and Victoria Street in the city, you won’t have to travel far for your fix. This means you can efficiently work in a stimulating lunch or dinner here with your other plans.

Heizo Tepenyaki

Heizo Tepenyaki knows they do one thing well — teppanyaki — so that’s pretty much all they do. Nestled in bustling Newmarket on Short Street, the restaurant is just as animated with teppanyaki chefs at every table supplemented by (typically cheering) diners.

The venue is a local gem with a cult following of ‘those in the know’, with food that is reliable, affordable and most importantly, entertaining. Which is why it ranks as one of our top go-to’s for teppanyaki in Auckland. With steak, chicken & seafood selections cooked to perfection right in front of you, you will be in good hands with head chef Takeshi Iioka and his team.

There is a both an A La Carte menu for those with a smaller appetite or the banquet menu, which has an aptly-named ‘sumo experience’. Booking is essential with only ten spots around the Chef’s Teppanyaki table – though there is space for additional guests at the encircling tables.

Kabuki Teppanyaki

A majestic and modern affair, Kabuki Teppanyaki is a local hotspot in the Stamford Plaza in Auckland CBD and is consistently one of the best teppanyaki restaurants in Auckland.

Along with the amazing cuisine, and hilarious food-throwing theatrics, Kabuki Teppanyaki is known for having the best customer service in Auckland and encourages special family gatherings with discounts for each generation you bring. Kabuki is also a perennial birthday favorite where the birthday person can dine for free with a group of four or more.

After all, what better way could there be to celebrate getting one year older than downing a sake bomb and letting the fiery performance ensue.

The upscale, contemporary venue sets a different tone than many other Teppanyaki restaurants in Auckland. It is renowned for their use of premium ingredients with New Zealand eye fillet, Akaroa salmon and crayfish all making appearances on the menu.

Full of showmanship and charisma, Kabuki Teppanyaki ensures pure excellence with each visit – and has never let us down.


Katsura is another elegant setting to devour Japanese delicacies, being the flagship restaurant of the Grand Millennium in Auckland’s CBD.

Contemporary Japanese cuisine with a sound respect for tradition is the speciality here, and whether it’s wagyu, salmon or rustic miso-marinated Nasu tofu you’re craving, they have it.  Their selection of Japanese beers, whisky and sake, is also enviable – though, for us, we can never go wrong with a glass of plum wine.

It is favored for being one of the top teppanyaki joints in Auckland, thanks in large part to sushi rolls, Katsura’s other drawcard. So, it would be a crime not to start with an entree or two.

Teppan Dining Bowz

Fire, food throwing and full flavours are all on offer at Teppan Dining Bowz in Epsom. This enrapturing teppanyaki joint might be small but consistently delivers delicious and reliable teppanyaki to the masses.

The set-up is staffed by food-throwing Japanese chefs who are positioned centre stage for some serious entertainment. The wagyu, in particular, is to die for as is the extensive selection of local wines (and sake).

The service is outstanding, the menu is well balanced, and for those who want to take a little side journey away from the grill – the sashimi selection is also commendable and oh-so-fresh.

Packed full of fabulous flavor, this round-up of the best teppanyaki restaurants in Auckland will truly delight those among us who are boastful fans of Japanese BBQ.

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