10 Best Steakhouses in Auckland For Prime Cuts and Chops

Best Steakhouses in Auckland For Prime Cuts and Chops

There’s nothing quite like a succulent Wagyu scotch fillet or Angus T-Bone to commemorate a birthday, anniversary or the end of a long week.

Juicy and tender on the inside, charred and crispy on the outside, whether you are craving a pepper-crusted ribeye or tender flank steak, we have just the place for you.

From old-fashioned meat joints sporting wooden booths to modern chophouses that serve globally-inspired fare, the best steakhouses in Auckland that have made the cut all have one thing in common: great steak.

Angus Streak House

8 Fort Lane, Auckland CBD

Trendy hotspots come and go, but this decades-spanning icon never goes out of fashion.  Family-owned and operated since its opening in 1973, the Angus Steak House happily serves New Zealand grass-fed Angus beef with no exceptions. Their beef and lamb cuts are farmed with respect and are directly obtained from local New Zealand farms around the country. The interior is traditional and relaxed, plus there is a great selection of sides and a salad bar.

It feels a little dated, but in a charming way, and despite the fact that it’s in the CBD, it isn’t fancy or stuffy.  Great steaks, great sides, and attentive, friendly service; what more could you want. Look no further than Angus Streak House for a no-fuss steak with top-grade, NZ-sourced beef, classically prepared.

Big Little Grill

41 Elliott Street, Auckland CBD

A hidden gem where grilled meats are lovingly prepared over a charcoal flame. This is not a traditional, huge steakhouse but more a little, steak-centric tavern in Elliot stables. It’s the kind of place you’d visit with a small group of friends or a date, not with a client and your corporate card. That being said, a big, fat, delicious piece of meat is still going to be the highlight of your meal here.

Keeping it simple Big Little Grill cooks all their meat with a signature basting sauce, which takes more than 24 hours to prepare, creating a flavour, unlike anything you have ever experienced. Only New Zealand’s best cuts of scotch fillets are used and are served with a side of salad and chips.

Botswana Butchery

99 Quay Street, Auckland CBD

Botswana Butchery Auckland is situated in the iconic Ferry Building on Quay Road, introducing a glimpse of the deep South into the heart of Auckland.

Within the stunning scenery, the restaurant serves lunch, dinner and cocktails with premium local ingredients and superb service. Not your typical steakhouse in Auckland, Botswana Butchery offers a sublime selection of meat cuts from their butcher’s block menu including grass-fed Savannah Angus Eye Fillet or Wakanui Ocean Sirloin from Ashburton.

There is a wide range of sauce and kinds of butter to match and exceptional attention to detail. If you are looking for a special meal in the city with the perfect steak, but also want some other options to satisfy the rest of your dining party, Botswana Butchery is the perfect spot.

El Sizzling Chorizo

138 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

The scent of meat and steaks grilled over smooth-burning coals diligently will lure you into the sanctuary for meat lovers in Ponsonby Central. The squad here hails from Argentina, the land of Asado — the true barbecue —, and they know that Argentine barbecue is not only about eating meat, but about treasuring it, as well as the company, you are with.

Ask for a counter seat if you want to feel first-hand the fiery performance and listen to the banter of Spanish speaking fire-wizards as they work their magic. Wooden platters are stacked high with juicy, delectable cuts of all types of meat, chorizo and house-made empanadas. Their 300-gram grass-fed Ribeye Scotch Fillet is simply divine and pairs perfectly with a glass of Shiraz.

Unbelievably mouth-watering, El Sizzling Chorizo is one of the most exciting places to go for a steak in Auckland.

Jervois Steak House

70 Jervois Road, Ponsonby

“The steakhouse to end all arguments” is the tagline of this Ponsonby institution, and we have to give it to them; they are one of the best steakhouses in Auckland. Authentic, premium and unashamedly obsessed with meat, the Jervois Steakhouse has never let us down.

The enviable menu displays a real who’s who of meats of all kinds. There is the signature prime rib from Rakaia Gorge in the South Island (dry-aged and then carefully roasted in their special oven – 24 hour’s notice required), Angus Beef from the shores of Lake Taupo and Wagyu imported directly from Japan.

Only the highest pedigree meets are served and specified by breed and feed. Whatever cut or breed you select; you then make that decision to determine which excellent sauces to complement your dish. The options are all delectable, and the attentive staff can help make recommendations should you need help.

Like most of the great steakhouses in Auckland, Jervois Steak House isn’t just for red meat. World-renowned Red King Crab, Oysters, Calamari, daily chicken, and tuna specials are all on the menu. All served in an authentic interior of distressed timber and brick, the Jervois Steak House has perfected the serving of steak, and promises a meal you’ll never forget.

One Tree Grill

9 Pah Road, Epsom

One Tree Grill is regularly ranked as one of the top restaurants in Auckland, and is a comfortable, upmarket suburban bistro where good wine and outstanding food converge.

They also happen to serve some pretty memorable steaks. Combining uncompromising consistency with excellent service (without the excessive formality that is often synonymous with this dining style) One Tree Grill has been an unpretentious staple of the Auckland restaurant landscape since 1996.

Their Black Angus Rib Eye on the Bone served with peppercorn, horseradish, wild watercress and jus Bras was perfectly matched with a Merlot and grilled to perfection. One of the best Auckland steakhouses outside of the CBD, One Tree Grill is a place to savour your meal without unnecessary ceremony or overbearing formality.

Oyster and Chop

Market Place, Viaduct Harbour

Unlike the usual cave-like, wood-panelled steak joints, this bi-level steak house and oyster bar conveniently located down at the Viaduct feels elegant and fresh.

If you are craving the tastiest, the juiciest and most tender of steak – with an oyster (or four) on the side, this is the place to go. Their dry-aged steaks are served alongside your choice of sides such as chargrilled broccoli, creamy mash, garden salad, steakhouse fries and crunchy onion rings. With each steak comes your choice of sauce, and since you are so close to the sea – why not add some tiger prawns or a whole crayfish for a self-indulgent meal!

Their most popular steak is the tomahawk to share, served with a beautiful brown crust achieved by sealing the meat at 450 degrees then roasting at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes in a special broiler imported from the United States. An endlessly delicious experience, Oyster and Chop have us sold on the location, quality and service

To be able to sit near the water looking out over the endless parade of boats is just beautiful. Come for the steak, stay for the view.

The Grill by Sean Connolly

90 Federal Street, Auckland CBD

The Grill, an exemplary high-end steakhouse in Auckland, has recently joined the movement away from purely carnivorous cuisine — but nevertheless still boasts a substantial menu for those who are hunting for a meaty affair.

Their signature steak tartare continues to be one of the best in the city, and the steak collection on offers takes in the very best of New Zealand’s and Australia pastoral offerings. The selection of the Chef’s three favourite cuts aptly named the study of beef is a popular option for those who can’t decide.

The Chef’s salad and duck-fat chips make compelling sides. Most of the ingredients used are sourced locally from specially selected New Zealand suppliers, and all served in very sleek surroundings.

Tony’s Steakhouse

27 Wellesley Street West, Auckland CBD

The granddaddy of steak houses in Auckland, Tony’s Steakhouse, is the oldest restaurant in Auckland and has been loved by locals, and sought out by tourists, for over 57 years now. A steak dinner for the ages, Tony’s decor has changed little over the years and has been consistently serving unpretentious food in a warm, old-fashioned atmosphere.

When you are doing it right in the first place, then you don’t need to change much. There are a few different Tony’s around Auckland, but this is the Original Tony’s on Wellesley Street, and none serve steaks as they do here, cooked to perfection with great value, good quality and amazing portions.

Wynyard Grill

142 Halsey Street, Auckland CBD

Wynyard Grill is a newly opened Auckland steakhouse and wine lounge located in Wynyard Quarter, operated by the team behind Johnny Barr’s American Restaurant Bar & Grill, which previously occupied the site. Sure, the place flies under the radar–tucked away from the main strip of Wynyard Wharf and in behind the new Park Hyatt hotel, but this clever little spot is worth seeking out.

A semi-secret, boisterous steakhouse has style and star appeal: witness the 28-day aged bone-in ribeye or plethora of wild game meats such as rabbit and shiitake meatballs, pheasant, wild boar and wapiti (a crossbreed of red deer and elk only found in New Zealand).

They also serve a Japanese Wagyu from Shizuoka Prefecture, a cut of meat that definitely does not come cheap, and offer a gourmet blue cheese, bacon, apple, walnut mac and cheese that will change your life. Yes, we know we are here to talking about the steak but just couldn’t resist.

Close to the new ASB Theatre, Wynyard Grill offers the perfect pre-show prix fixe meal — though they also have a number of weekly events and specials such as a featured local winemaker evening, live jazz music with classic movies and a gourmet grilled cheese night.